Unique AutoPure Series

Protein Purification System

단백질 정제 시스템은 단일 항체, 재조합 단백질, 백신, 생화학 약물, 항생제, 천연물 및 다당류와 같은 생물학적 제품의 downstream process에서 분리 및 정제 과정에 사용됩니다. 

제품의 특장점

1. Low pulsation and high precision double plunger infusion pump ensures excellent separation reproducibility

2. All parts of the whole system in contact with liquid are made of biocompatible materials which meets the requirements of FDA, USP VI and other relevant regulations

3. DAD full spectrum direct reading detector to avoid the instability and high failure rate caused by the traditional mechanical switching detector

4. The fixed wavelength detector lamp is long-life LED lamp, with a service life of more than 8000 hours, which reducing the maintenance cost

5. Patented UV detector flow cell, low dead volume, low peak expansion, and improved chromatographic separation

6. High sensitivity on-line pH, conductivity and UV detector, low dead volume and low peak expansion, which improves the chromatographic separation

7. Automatic components such as buffer selector valve, automatic sample injection valve and column position valve are concentrated to improves chromatographic resolution

8. Pre-column, post-column, differential pressure alarm and bubble sensor detection, which greatly protects the safety of the system and chromatographic column

Unique AutoPure-Product Model and Technical Paramenters

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